Silver and White

by Weekly Words and Grammar

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Unicorn Hole Silver and White does such an excellent job of telling the same story in music and lyrics. Mysterious, dreamy tones set the stage, then tension builds and climax. The finale sounds calm and resolved, but now the lyrics leave you wondering exactly what happened- a perfect note to end on. Two things- this music is awesome, and I'm a heckin nerd. Favorite track: Silver and White (Leylines IV).
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The fifth chapter of the NCU finds Nick the mage mysteriously compelled to reach Elluryah's capital city of Bristol. He uncovers something sinister which could threaten the entire kingdom..





released June 8, 2018


all rights reserved



Weekly Words and Grammar Columbus, Ohio

Weekly Words and Grammar is a one-man Nintendocore band

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Track Name: Silver Web (Leylines III)
Nick descends from the mountains above
Travel knee deep in snow through the sleet and the mud
He’s chasing something that he doesn't know
A mercurial whisper, frigid silver glow

His destination: the capitol, Bristol
A city of mages, that once was his home
But time and distance have made it a stranger
Shuttered by age and twenty years of snow

Nick descends from the mountains above
Travel knee deep in snow, through the sleet and the mud
He's chasing something that he doesn’t know
A mercurial whisper, frigid silver glow

A constant thought is this: he senses something is amiss
A mage in name but not in power
He studies flow and ebb, magic that weaves a silver web
And something from the south that might devour

And so he travels the mountains alone

Creeping dread overtakes him when he stops to think
As twenty years ago the kingdom teetered on the brink
Held by something otherworldly reaching from a foreign plane
Something Nick fears might be reaching out once again
Track Name: Bristol
Wandering, aimless, adrift in the waves
Floating through memory, unquiet graves
Spirits and shadows emerge from the black
How could he ever think he could take it all back

Walking on streets, once so familiar
Nick’s thoughts can’t help but turn back onto the past
The future burned, like a fire inside
But innocence could never last

Questing and seeking for so many days
Fruitlessly searching, as light slowly fades
Wandering Bristol, once more than a home
Try to find something, a faint silver glow

And still Nick can’t seem to shake the thought that something is amiss

Three men approach him from the shadows one night
“You’ve been sticking your nose somewhere it don’t belong”

Unable to resist, Nick lets them lead him
His trepidation only growing by the minute
Track Name: The Mage
Nick is led into a room
(Opulent, decadent, heavy with doom)
By the fire, a Mage in a chair
(An unsettling grin, a predatory air)
Nick finds it hard to breathe, like he’s trapped in a tomb
Only light from the fire flickers in the gloom
The Mage motions to Nick, hands him a glass of wine
Says “I’m glad that you’re here, but you sure took your time

Because Nick, we have much to discuss.”

Nick looks away, says “You must be mistaken
I’m only a simple scholar from the North”
His host laughs, like nails dragging on glass
Says “You surely can’t think I’m as foolish as that
Your appearance in Bristol was noted
Not only by me but by the King’s Right Hand
It’s so fortunate, friend, that we got to you first
For I know that you’ll want to be part of our plan

I know that you that were there, twenty years ago
When we opened this world to another
And I know that you fled like a rat
While the King’s loyal army cut down all our brothers
And I know that you made a life for yourself
Growing in knowledge but not in power
And I know our indelible call
Is what finally drew you from your ivory tower”

Nick’s hands start to shake at the Mage’s words
He thought he had better hid his past
The Mage, smiles, and forges ahead
Says “This time we have all we need for a strike back
A young mage of incredible will
And a black tome recovered of old
With our army we are almost poised to take control

So I ask that you pledge yourself to us
The Novis, like you did twenty years ago
And our masters will reward your service
With powers beyond anything that you know
What will it be, Nick?
Will you be crowned as one of the powerful few?
To be one of the chosen elite
In a world that the Others shall reforge anew

What will it be, Nick?
Will you ascend with me?
What will it be?
Track Name: Resolve; Fate
Nick’s looks in disbelief, says “I’m not quite sure what you mean”
The Mage drinks his wine and sighs, says “I’ll just spell it out for you
If you serve the creatures from the Next and help to bring them back
They’ll gift you power over magic, which I know you lack”

A pact that cost so much more than it first appears
The same that’s haunted Nick for far too many years

For one swift moment Nick is tempted by the deal
To be a mage in truth, to have power for real
But it comes crashing down, disgust that he’d ever forget
Promises he made twenty years ago, and would always regret

The lives he sacrificed in his pursuit
The dark stain on his soul that nothing could dilute
But he is older now, no longer blind
Nick frowns at the Mage as he finally makes up his mind
“I’m afraid I must decline”

The Mage sighs and shakes his head
“Since you now know our plan, you’re going to end up dead”

His eyes flash bright and silver
As flames engulf the room
Nick staggers back
Sensing both magic and his nearing doom

“Nick, you made the wrong choice
This is the end”
Unwilling to give in
Nick reaches out his hand
Track Name: Silver and White (Leylines IV)
Burn it down
Sunlight flows out of my mouth
I cry as the leylines are forming
Inside of my mind
Interconnected, my life is consumed
And all burns like a candle

Not quite right
Moonlight and amber
Soft and caressing
Glowing shadows
Secrets behind blue eyes
Eyes that I once knew?
Eyes that know me
As I ignite within

Burn it down
Starlight spills out out my eyes
I cry as the leylines are forming
And clearing my mind
Gold beams speak softly to me
Of my father
The dreams that he had for me

It’s as though
Colors are flowing
Spectral beauty
Closer to me
Never before
Have I felt this
Is this what it is to live?
Is this being truly alive?

Burn it down
Sunlight flows out out my mouth
I cry as the leylines are forming
Inside of my mind
Visions in silver and white
As I lower from consciousness into asleep

Just sleep
Child of willow
Child of oak
Just sleep
Child of winter
Child of snow”