The Lizardpope

by Weekly Words and Grammar

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Unicorn Hole Psst, hey kid. You like breakdowns and shit? I got somethin for ya. Listen, don't tell anyone I gave you this, alright? By just listening you become part of the resistance. If you're not up for that, don't take it. .. You're sure? .. Very good. Now run on home while you still can. Favorite track: 1.2 The Beginning of Conquest (feat Joey K. of Decepticon Theory).
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The Lizardpope is a punk-electro-deathcore album about false gods, the government, the collapse of society, and the eponymous Lizardpope. Open your eyes, open your ears, and take a listen.


released July 4, 2014


all rights reserved



Weekly Words and Grammar Columbus, Ohio

Weekly Words and Grammar is a one-man Nintendocore band

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Track Name: 1.1 He Shall Rise
Prepare for war
Prepare for life invasion
Within the earth
A monster rises

All that you know is wrong
Behind them all he waits
He wants to take your mind
So he can seal your fate
Track Name: 1.2 The Beginning of Conquest (feat Joey K. of Decepticon Theory)
Fear is how he enslaves your mind
Death is his decree
This reptile has no tolerance
Of those who try to see

To see the lies he bellows forth
To open the mind with sight
Men who make peace will fall
The destruction of civil rights

I have seen him
The murder
I have seen him in Texas
I have seen him
The Liar
I have seen him in Memphis
Track Name: 1.3 Chemtrail X
Toxic rainclouds in the atmosphere
Grey snow falling from the sky
Poisoning your fucking bodies
Poisoning your fucking minds

I can't believe that they get away with this
Look to the skies to see your "freedom"
I can't believe that they don't see it
What will it take to make them see it?
Track Name: 1.4 Watch the Media
Brainwashed by thousands, a crooked fate
Read the New York Times, mental masturbate
MSNBC, far to blind for me
Agree with me, all that you can see

Smash your beliefs
Don't watch your TV
Don't read anything
Don't believe all you see
Track Name: 1.5 Waste
Open up your eyes

Propaganda on TV
Purchase everything you see
Buy these things you do not need
Give our masters all your money
Track Name: 2.1 Wolves
Suited, clean-cut specters
Wall Street's own gestapo
Agents of the government,
Or the other way around?

"You're a motherfucking bitch
Suck my motherfucking dick
Swallow all the traces of the constitution's president
Governmental sodomy
Criticism: blasphemy
Wait until you've got a gold star hanging from your wrist"
Track Name: 2.2 $$$
Strutting around in their fucking uniforms
Brown shirts wearing fucking blue

Get on the fucking floor
You have no fucking rights
Pigs always work together
Watch where you walk at night
Servants of our citizens?
Don't make me fucking laugh
Pigs only work for pigs
Track Name: 2.3 Big Brother
Bleed for me, slave!

Big brother needs animals to carry to the slaughter
Waging war for gas and gold a sacrificial altar
Just another worthless cog
Meaningless as God above
Track Name: 2.4 Kristallnacht
They come at night smashing the windows
Herding the Enlightened into ghettos
"Get on the train you fucking sinners
Out masters need you for the feast"

We must fight back before this future comes to pass
We must be strong so we can strike the Lizardpope
Track Name: 3.1 Song for the People
Songs by king and government
Songs for all the Lizardmen
All the Gods that you pray to
Won't do shit when you are dead

I have seen the fucking truth
Drink the fucking kool-aid, bitch
There's only one thing left to do
We must destroy the government