Soul of the Machine II

by Weekly Words and Grammar

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Unicorn Hole
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Unicorn Hole It seems WWG pulled out all the stops for Soul of the Machine II. The synths soar, the breakdowns crush, the screams are powerful, and the hooks keep me coming back. Although many (all?) of these tracks are from far back in WWG's catalog, they sound excellent here- even like a progression of his sound- thanks to the production and performance. I dig it! Favorite track: Ghosts.
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released December 28, 2018


all rights reserved



Weekly Words and Grammar Columbus, Ohio

Weekly Words and Grammar is a one-man Nintendocore band

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Track Name: Metal Slugs
Like bullets racing from a gun
You found your way into my heart
Falling away from the death atomic (Burning flame)
Even though my body's gone
My fighting spirit still lives on

Don't let my death be the end
Don't let me die in vain

I'm inside you, everyone
Track Name: Dark Matter
Trapped in this nightmare, there's no one but me
And a black nameless horror with eyes like the stars
I stared on in awe and I lapsed into silence
At a shimmering rainbow that turned into a sword

How can I be the one to gather the stars
To waste all this time?
I am not a God, not even a boy
By myself I'm nothing
My life will end, dark matter shall consume me

Born of the stars

Beam me up

Take me home
Track Name: Angel
What can I say, this girl's a mess
She's living in the past
She still believes in love
She still believes that good can win
It's sad
But I know true love's never true
And it seems in the end
All the good guys end up dead

“Now there's nothing left
My lovely angel
Please awaken me
From this nightmare”

Tell me that story one more time
Tell me that story one last time
Tell me that you love me one more time
Tell me that you love me one last time

I am just a flower
I am just a rose
Track Name: Holy Quest
“Wounds as deep as I remember
Colder than it's been forever
Only time will time will tell me
If there's hope left for humanity
Sword of Ages by my side
My father's spirit still my guide
To help me and to follow me
To certain death or victory

Ages hence I will be known
The man who took the dark king's throne
An threw the chains of slavery away

Sing me that song please
Tell me we'll be free

One can only hope that day will come
Track Name: Ira Vehementi
Everything I've ever known was a sham
I'm naught but a pawn in this infernal game
This whole time, unbeknownst to me
I've been a sheep, a corporate whore

I've avenged those who came before me
The civilians, I slayed them all
They were better off burnt to a crisp
Practice for their afterlife to come

Glorious and generous as I am
It's only befitting that I reign as a god
Surrender now, or share your hometown's fate
Glorious and generous as I am
It's only befitting that I reign as a god
Surrender now; your whole planet's betrayed you

I will destroy everything that you hold dear
And shed not a single tear
I will haunt you in your sleep
I'll never forgive you
I promise this: I will never be a memory
Track Name: Red Alert!
Future Diary, tell me what you see

I see a death, following you, ever chasing faster
I see a monster, who calls herself your friend, your lover
I see a horror, greater than what one man can muster
I see a fate that can end in nothing but disaster

Is this future still worth fighting for?
Knowing that the dead shall all stay buried in the ground?

I guess we just have to see
Track Name: Frozen
Come, Prince, awake, now is not the time for sleep
"The years that I spent in a slumber, in a dream
Were wasted
How can I go on like this? In pieces?
Cuz pieces are all I have left

This is a price I shall gladly pay
Just make me like the rose, just let me drift away

Bring her back, bring her to me"

He picked the flower and left
Never to be seen again
Mercy not what they expected to hear
Track Name: Ghosts
Born beneath a jealous star
A shattered hope for what was yours
Haunted by the overbearing presence of the older one

You're nothing, just a dark and jealous soul
There's something that the ghosts want you to know

“The first mistake was made when you were born into this house
The next mistake was when you started looking for yourself
Just shrinking in the shadow of your brother's growing spotlight
They bore your brother first boy, so you're always second best”

You can't fight the ghosts in your mind

(Your brother's life is in your hands)

In the end, all will fall into silence
In the end, all will fall into disrepair
In the end, all the ghosts in the world will have homes
In your mind
In your madness somewhere

Look me in the eyes, won't you tell me you guys care?

I was the unwanted one, the second best, the second son
Track Name: Mechanical Waltz
I've loved a beauty queen, danced with my enemies
Torn at my heart ‘til I no longer feel
I've killed too many times to be forgiven
These hands are stained with blood as red as these eyes

Lying beneath me, both under the stars
There's my knife in your back, there's this ache in my heart
I still to forget but I just can't move on
With your taste on my lips, with your eyes on the stars
Do you recall hearing me say “all of my friends are dead?”
I was the one to put blades in their chests

Everyone I knew betrayed me so I murdered them
You were the last and the worst, the one who hurt me most
Cyclic, repeating, a constant never-ending stream
All of my friends broke me down, I couldn't live with it
So I decided 'I'm a being of solitude'
Everything I had means nothing to me anyway

Yet as I turn away my hands begin to shake
But I pretend I don't feel as day starts to break
Telling myself that I'm all that I need
That my friends never felt anything to me anyway

“How does it feel to be all by yourself?
All these years that you've lived nothing's changed”