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by Weekly Words and Grammar

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Unicorn Hole
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Unicorn Hole I remember bopping this album on New Years Eve of 2022. What a great way to end the year. I bet you have a similar memory. Maybe you waited till the 1st, to start 2023 strong? One thing's for sure- this album came out on 12/31/22. Favorite track: I Didn't Realize We Were a Limited Time Offer.
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We survived 2020, or so we thought But that shit’s back again whether we want it or not Weekly Words and Grammar Runnin up that hill, Bitches call me meatball Cuz spaghetti’s all I spill And ya boy Uhole with the old consoles Back again reminiscing of days of old It’s so cold, we’re way too old But we’ve still got truths to be told So it’s that time again, when your best n-core friends Step in to make amends, absolve you of your sins Make sure that the bullshit ends So grab a Baja Blast, and plop down on your ass Behold the spell we cast, shatter anything glass Make sure the bullshit ends fast “Holy fuck, holy fucking fuck That intro of yours is fucking absurd It’s truly unreal how fucking hard it bops Like it blows my mind” This year talk of multiverses was widely spread Please let me swap me with a me who’s already dead Twenty twenty two "Like, that was a good lyrical idea, we're just gonna copy what he's saying in these weird-ass messages"
I should stop feeding it, it’s swollen like a tick Does it despise me for neglecting it? It’s unfathomable, it’s become Lovecraftian Its shadow swallows me, I am lost within How could a man create something too big to see? Please have mercy on me, massive Steam library It haunts me in my dreams A chorus of hundreds of unplayed games screams Humble Bundles, DLC You buy this game, you get ten more for free Remake, sequel, rerelease Exponential, neverending increase It grows, it knows As I launch Rogue Legacy for the millionth time I feel the resentful glares of a million eyes I can’t know when, but this is my doom Ever it watches, ever it looms
(lyrics randomly generated in a variety of ways) My best shoes were stolen by your grandmother There was shit in my car and it looks really great I am the most frustrated sandwich maker Don’t dare look at my ass My cat is in the bathroom with the boys They occasionally sip Baja Blast as well Your sister's residence is known to me On secret roads, eager beaver broke his twelve inches My finger is a good one for sure My banana and the drain are submerged Do back flips and stuff for hours Do not fill out this form again My feet were freezing, and my sandwich was so ancient The misfortune of tacos is the only positive outcome “Yeah um, a little different than what I was told it was gonna be But, you know, maybe it comes around” The vomiting portion is now available I fell so much like a lot Enter the NASCAR shelter On the dance floor Old feces circulating, traditional excrement Why doesn't father love my music like he adores pizza topping? The green one’s a bit of a lot Booty, what more could you want? Kirby made it home safely He was never around me Crispy bear trap, yours to keep The cloaca drops deep Do anything but live or die That’s the sound of despair Comprehend my suffering Hack my booty like I'm hamburger
Let’s just forget every meal we shared Every burrito Best friends and beefy cheese Goodbyes And the tasty bites When we realized We were running out of BAJA BLAST
You once were there for me Back when I felt complete Now you’re just someplace that I used to eat You seem so happy now with your new customers We used to be like that, all gone in a blur You changed, and I changed- I guess no one’s to blame I went to Arby’s once but it wasn’t the same You baja broke my heart Could we go back to the start? But our souls pull apart This time I must depart Lines that take a million years Cup I filled with "Baja tears" Wilted lettuce, soggy shell Trapped in my own taco hell Empty sauces, crunchy cheese Beans when I said “no beans please” Hair burritos, sticky shoes Taco Bell, this time we’re through "And I was just going to Taco Bell, and then I hear some gunshots, and I was like alright, uh, I guess Taco Bell can wait"
Modern horror games are such a big disgrace What happened to quality like maze with loud face? Or that weird grey peanut statue that snaps your neck Wish he was real so he could end my whole shit in one sec I scroll through itch.io, horror section mocking me An endless list of shit by kids in their pre-teens James Sunderland shakes his ass at his TV He killed his wife, but I wish that he’d kill me I have no games and I must scream Another Backrooms clone? I’ve seen that shit before A knock-off Sirenhead? Oh, what a fucking bore I’ve played so many horror games That playing them is just a chore Fuckin spook me, bitch you won’t Just give me a cheap scare, all I ask you to bring I’ve long given up on joy, but I must feel something I was not afraid while your bullshit was played I feel fuckin robbed you only had one job Let’s remake RE 4 just like we did 3 and 2 Let’s do Silent Hill 2 and also Dead Space too Callisto Protocol is new, it’s not a total rut Except lol oops looks like that game kinda sucks butt I scroll through creepypasta, shit grammar mocking me Jeff the Killer fanfics and knockoffs are all that I see Mira the shiba inu was in control the whole time Please pup switch off my life, to live on is a crime I have no games and I must scream I don’t feel a thing "You shoulda never messed with a skeleton you frickin moron"
[Glitch City Café Intro] [Murdering Mad Jack with Beanadryl Vocals] Crack open a can of beans with the boys [Gizzzard Kicker Vocals] B-E-A-N Had beans for lunch and had beans again I'm gonna make a scene when I spill the beans I got beans for eyes like I've never seen Beans from Even Stevens was my first kiss If you don't love beans then you can fuck off Beans are great, beans are good Beans are the very best food [A Challenger Approaches Synths] [Evocative "bonk" by Indonesian Bongo] [Original Fangster Vocals] It’s Original Fang bringin original fun Keepin’ beans on brand with a red bean bun Come on and take a bite, chow down tonight I need the power of beans so I can win this fight I gotta lotta edamame and nobody can stop me Make em fried, make em steamed, really nothing can top these In a hot pot, not gonna drop the party Now wash em all down with your grounds of coffee [Anti-PizzaBoy with Bean Machine Vocals] Gimme pinto, gimme lima Gimme that which I desiya Liberals think you can take my beans You’ll have to pry them from my cold dead hands Snowflakes best now what that means Try to dodge my Special Bean Cannon Some vegan tried to offer me beans He said “they’re GMO free” I like beans made by artificial means The best beans come from bean machines Dr Robotnik’s got my back [Polygon Horizon Vocals] I've got fat beans in my jeans They get the women screams You might think it is Heinz But it's alles meins I've got big beans in my jeans [Shotgun Guy and Beanadryl Vocals] I put beans in my ass, I put beans in my dickhole I fuckin snort big beans, beans [The David Jones Band Vocals] Sailing the seven seas Captain won’t give us beans We are so hungry, please Fill my canteen We will go to extremes Leading a mutiny This ain’t your brigantine We’re taking your beans Give us beans [Leonhart Verse and Vocals] Quick Bean Fact! Did you know that coffee grounds aren't actually beans? The "beans" come from the fruit Grown on coffea shrubs and trees Life is lie, trust no one and discard your coffee Purge the caffeine from your veins Cleanse the untruths from your body Beans Consume nothing but beans One must consume nothing but beans [TRVSHBXVT Outro]
*gameboy sounds* "Was that music?" "It's not real music"
Since you vanished Wisp keeps coming around He feels at home, now that it’s a ghost town Weeds have grown out of control, a jungle island now For months and months on the beach, Gulliver’s laid face down Millions of roaches now overrun your home A new bug collection to rival the museum’s own And still Isabelle hasn’t taken a lunch Nook won’t let her leave, at least I’ve got a hunch Shells piled high on the beach, with bottles mixed in too A huge wall has been formed that nothing can break through KK, still comes, for some reason Each Saturday he’s here, playing for nobody A pitiful turnout, who does he think he is- me? Did the patches bring you back? For a day or maybe a week? Right this moment your friends wait Wishing you’d just come and speak
Decades ago every weekend Crammed on the couch laughing with friends Party and Kart, days Smashed away Echoes of echoes, drowned in delay Next Saturday you may stop by Stretched pretty thin, you said you’ll try May be too tired, or feel too low I’ll shoot a text, you’ll let me know We never felt decades ago The pulling of the undertow Every weekend we’d stay up late All through the week we couldn’t wait The final boss, we’d do him in Start a new file, play it again Bring your new game, you say it’s hard Start a file on my memory card Talk shit and laugh, constantly die May never win, but we’ll sure try Every weekend, tied up or tired All through the week, anxious and wired The final boss, we’ll never see Started a file, been too busy Got a new game, still in the box Just gotta find time on the clock Talk and make plans, constantly bail May never win, plans set to fail Save file is corrupted, data failed to read We only have our memories "It makes me uncomfortable in a way I kina like"
2020 Too 03:16
This album is a 10 but.. it’s all so doom and gloom We must address the stampede of elephants in the room So put your Wordles down, turn off your Elden Rings We need to tell you all about all the new awful things The James Webb Telescope didn’t find any aliens We’re alone in this cold universe without any friends The Vid eased up a bit, at least allegedly But the prices for stuff simply did not agree Elon bought Twitter Somehow stomped it even further down the shitter The new Pokemon games did a shits on the floor They look like Gamecube games, run like N64 Chris Rock got Final Smashed, by the cool guy Fresh Prince Kanye got turned away by fuckin New Balance Would anyone love uz`s, if we were turned into worms? Lol it’s a “no” either way, that answer’s locked in firm We spent all year running up that hill How’s this for a deal with god? - kill me, for real Corn Kid can’t save us now We must expire somehow AI can’t save us now We must perish somehow Nothing can save us now No way, no how "Why not just let me go, you know? Why not let me go and let me die? I wanna be free to die however I want"


Oops, we did it again. 2👌2👌 2 caps off the 👌 trilogy (or pentalogy, depending on how you wanna look at it) by going bigger and greasier than ever before. The most tracks and longest runtime? Check. Fifteen people on one song about beans? Check. A bleaker outlook than ever before? Heck.

This album was released on 12/31/22.
Don't let anyone tell you anything different.


released December 31, 2022

See? Bandcamp knows what's up.

Weekly Words and Grammar - Everything
Unicorn Hole - Everything Else


A Challenger Approaches


The David Jones Band

Dustin "Beanadryl" E

Gizzzard Kicker
"find us your fuckin self"

Glitch City Café


Mitch "Bean Machine" R

Murdering Mad Jack

Original Fangster

Polygon Horizon

Shotgun Guy


American Fastfood is a parody/cover of
Never Meant by American Football

Eat your beans.


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Weekly Words and Grammar Columbus, Ohio

Weekly Words and Grammar is a Electronic Deathcore band from Ohio.

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